Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Zurich, The Last City!

We've finally arrived to Zurich, the last stop on the Media, Reformation, and Modernity Tour.

For our final Sunday service, we attended the Grossmunster. This is the church that Zwingli taught at during his life, and where his legacy as a major figure of the Reformation was left.

Zurich was a heavy last dose of the Swiss culture. We found a Movenpick store and dove into its delicious Swiss delights. Movenpick is a Swiss high quality ice cream, costing twice as much as the normal gelato, but tasting very different, tasting very good.

Our time in Zurich right now is the last time we will have to venture out to different places in Europe, and we didn't waste it. One group of us went to Zermatt to go skiing and snowboarding down the Alps!

The next day everyone had windburned faces, but it was certainly worth it! Switzerland's Matterhorn provided us with beautiful sky and a marvelous view, and the slopes were perfect for our runs. It was a great day!

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