Friday, June 18, 2010


We are now in Lugano, a lakeside city in the Italian part of Switzerland. The city is filled with many sights to see and places to go. This castle here is right next to the Bellinzona Youth Hostel, where we are sleeping!

Here we are at the Monte Tamaro, the location of the Santa Maria degli Angeli. This church has been designed by the famous Mario Botta, who in addition to designing churches also has designed the Martin Bodmer Foundation Library and the Bank of International Settlements building. All three of these buildings are a part of our trip and correspond to our theme: Media, Reformation, and Modernity.

Coming down from the Monte Tamaro was as exciting as being there thanks to this rail luge!

The group went hiking up through the mountainous trails near Sonogno. We even had a picnic on the other side of this bridge.

Julie and Jordan had a blast hiking up and into a waterfall. Do you see that waterfall behind the girls? We got drenched trying to get to where the water came thundering down.

Gelaterias such as this in Lugano are home to some of the best gelato we've had the whole trip. We made a point of visiting one every single day we were here.


  1. What a fantastic, well-planned trip! Thanks for providing this wonderful opportunity for our kids. Many thanks for posting so many pictures in the midst of such a hectic schedule! : )