Saturday, June 19, 2010


We've ventured into Lucerne now, where there is one of the most impressive museums in Swizerland, the Verkershaus Museum. It is a communications and transportation museum, presenting the historical evolution of both.

There were several interactive exhibits, such as this balancing mechanism. We got to experiment with the affects of weight and movement on parts of vehicles.

Here in Lucerne is a famous sculpture, entitled The Lion Of Lucerne. It was created in the early 1800s as a memorial for the lives lost in an attack from revolutionaries against the Swiss Guard in 1792. This inspiring sculpture portrays a lion impaled by a spear, dying over a shield. The beauty of this lion is regarded highly by many, such as Mark Twain who visited Lucerne and called it "the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world."

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