Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Erfurt and The Wartburg Castle

We visited Erfurt to see The Black Cloister, where Martin Luther chose to become a monk.

The museum at the cloister was detailed and rich with history. We saw a rich multimedia presentation guiding us through the museum and teaching us much about what life at the Cloister was like while Luther was a monk there. There were also many artifacts, such as this church bell, that would have affected the life during Luther's time.

This is the room that Luther stayed in while he was in Erfurt. The rose is a special reminder of his past presence on this spot.

From Erfurt we traveled to the Wartburg Castle, the castle where Martin Luther was kidnapped to by his allies for protection after being banned as an outlaw by the Holy Roman Emperor.

The inside of the castle contains a rich history, being not only the hideaway of Martin Luther, but also the home of St. Elizabeth. This hallway is a series of paintings describing her life, which was spent establishing hospitals and helping the poor under Franciscan guidance.

This is the room that Luther spent months hiding in. Here, Luther translated the bible into German in only 11 weeks, an astonishing feat.

The men here greatly enjoyed the hike down from the castle.

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