Sunday, June 6, 2010

Munich: Wow.

We made it to Munich, and Munich is huge. Here is part of the group out at Olympiapark, where the 1972 Summer Olympics was held. The wide open park ground made here the best Ultimate Frisbee field yet.

Right next to the Olympiapark is the BMW Museum. The museum was one of the most modern and high-tech museums we've ever seen, with stunning displays and interactive media.

The museum covered any product that BMW has ever made, and ranged from planes to racing cars to police bikes (as seen next to Liz here).

Out in the field, Ruth gave us a presentation on the Catholic Church's counter-reformation, giving us a chance to sit out in the sun while learning for class.

Here is the Geschwister-Scholl-Platz, dedicated to the Sholl siblings. Hans and Sophie Scholl were members of the White-Rose, a nonviolent resistance movement against the Nazi Party.

We spent the nights out exploring the city and having tons of fun!

For Sunday service, we traveled to St. Ulrich Church in Augsburg. This church is one of the most unique churches in all of Christendom because it is one of the only churches to be both a protestant church, and a catholic church. The two groups share the building, splitting responsibilities between each other.

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