Monday, May 31, 2010

from Cologne to Berlin

The Cologne Cathedral is quite the sight! We spotted it before we even got off our train.

Stephen is standing in front of the very detailed and large entrance to the Cologne Cathedral.

Julie is dozens of meters beneath the Cathedral at the Archaeological Tour, as we discover what ruins and foundations exist below.

Our tour guide led us through the intricate web of archaeological digs.

We left Cologne the same day we arrived to reach Berlin. This is the Berlin Dom, a huge, iconic protestant church.

We also explored many of the museums around us whole there. Michael is experiencing one of the interactive moments in the Jewish Museum of Berlin.

Touching the Berlin wall is a very powerful experience. We are blessed to be here, freely moving through the whole city.

Here's the whole group in front of the Berlin Dom after the Sunday service we attended there. Berlin has been an amazing place to stay.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Down The Rhein!

Here we are before entering the Hildegard Museum. Look back behind us, do you see that castle?

From the museum, we left on a ferry ride down the Rhein!

Many of us went hiking and experienced the beauty of the German landscape surrounding us.

Here is a taste of what we saw!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


It is a rare and difficult thing for twenty-first century digital natives to "get" the meaning, impact, and power of what these buildings signified and symbolized for their original inhabitants. Yet we

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mainzer Dom

The Mainzer Dom, or Mainz Cathedral, which is large, Romanesque, and visible from anywhere in the neighborhood. It is, of course, absolutely beautiful. Even if you've seen Avatar.

Walk In To Mainz

This morning we walked
into Mainz along the
Rhine river to see the
Mainzer Dom and the
Gutenberg Museum.

European Cell Phone Number!

To reach the MRM group leader, dial ALL these numbers in EXACTLY this order from the USA:




Monday, May 24, 2010

Safe Landing!

We are safely arrived in Mainz, Germany, after a beautiful flight through beautiful weather from Chicago to Montreal to Frankfurt. Upon arrival, day one involved trekking 30 minutes with backpacks to our youth hostel, unloading, then trekking back into Frankfurt, returning for dinner, and hearing our first student presentation. Everyone went to sleep happy and tired after dinner, and we start this morning (Tuesday) with a trip to the Guttenberg Museum in Mainz. Yesterday was Pentecost Monday (Pfingstmontag) so everything was closed, which means we can't get our SIM-cards for international cell phones until this afternoon -- but as soon as we do, we'll call you and post the numbers. Pictures coming soon.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Here's where we'll be, and when we'll be there, and how to reach us by phone at every step along the way:

Sun 23.5 We go to Europe (Please wear your MRM T-shirt today)

Breakfast on your own

Store your non-traveling items in storage or with friends

Meet at Saga Circle at 11:30

12:00 Departure from Saga Circle

Drive Wheaton to à Chicago O’Hare

Terminal 2 Chicago O'Hare


Dep CHICAGO 16:00 on AC Fl#520 à Arv MONTREAL 18:59

Dep. Montreal 19:55 AC Fl#874 à Arv Frankfurt 8:55 on 5/24

Eat dinner and SLEEP ON PLANE

Mon 24.5 Arrive Frankfurt 8:55 am à travel to Mainz-Weisenau.

NO DB Today is Whitmonday (Pfingstmontag, or 2nd Pentecost, a.k.a. the day after Pentecost

PASS a.k.a. Monday of the Holy Spirit), which is a holy day of obligation for Roman Catholics, and a major national holiday throughout Germany, so lots of things will be closed.)

Check in to Rhein-Main Jugendherberge

Otto-Brunfels-Schneise 4, Mainz-Weisenau, Tel. 49 6131 85332

Lunch on your own

Recommended Restaurants: Brauhaus zur Sonne (Betzelsstraße 23)

Heiliggeist (Mailandsgasse 11)

Free afternoon options in Frankfurt:

Ikon Museum in Frankfurt (Bruckenstrasse 3-7, Tel. 069 - 21236262 Call first to see if they are open, Monday admissions are normally free)

Communication Museum in Frankfurt (Schaumainkai 53, Tel. 069 6060-0 Call first to see if they are open)

Group Dinner 19:00 at Mainz Youth Hostel

Presentation by Sam Hayes on Johannes Gutenberg

Lights out at 21:30, in order to overcome jet lag.

SLEEP IN MAINZ at Rhein-Main Jugendherberge, Otto-Brunfels-Schneise 4,

Mainz-Weisenau, Tel. 49 6131 85332

A note on curfews: there are no imposed curfews, except for tonight and as noted when the hostel/hotel has an institutional curfew – beyond which time there is no one staffing the front desk to let you in. If the doors are locked and you return past the institutional curfew, don’t be surprised if you spend a cold night outside on the front steps. You are free to keep your own hours, but are expected to manage your sleep cycle as mature adults with an early schedule to keep. If you do choose to stay up late into the wee hours, please keep things quiet in consideration of those old folks (like your leaders) who really are trying to sleep.

Tues 25.5 Breakfast at Rhein-Main Jugendherberge

NO PASS Der Hohe Dom zu Mainz, Bischofsplatz 2, Tel. 06131-25 31 08

12:00 Lunch on your own

Recommended Restaurants: Brauhaus zur Sonne (Betzelsstraße 23)

Heiliggeist (Mailandsgasse 11)

13:00 Gutenberg Museum (Liebfrauenplatz 5, Tel. 06131 12-2640)

Late afternoon free

Group Dinner 19:00 at Mainz Youth Hostel

SLEEP IN Mainz at Rhein-Main Jugendherberge

Tomorrow we begin European train travel. German and Swiss trains leave on the precise minute (and often the very second) they are scheduled to depart, so there is literally no chance of making a train if you are running late. Please please please take the timeliness of the European train schedule seriously. Your leaders and your classmates will thank you.

Note also that next to each day in Germany only, there is marked a “NO DB PASS” or a “TRAIN PASS #1” indicator – this tells you whether you may use (or not use) your DB pass for unlimited train travel on that day. The DB PASS you will be given CAN ONLY BE USED ON THE DAYS INDICATED, otherwise you will not have enough travel days to get where we are going. Pay attention to this so you do not accidentally “use up” your train pass before we are finished with Germany.

Bahnhof = Train Station; Hauptbahnhof = Main Train Station

Weds 26.5 Breakfast at Rhein-Main Jugendherberge Joel Rofkahr’s Birthday

NO DB Prof. Huizenga presentation on Holy Roman Empire, Karl V & Diet of Worms

PASS Day trip to Worms (RB or RE 26-45 mins)


Group Lunch at 13:00 (reservation confirmed)


Travel to Floersheim-am-Main

Check in to Wanderlust Hostel, Jahnstrasse 15, Weilbach (49 6145 7737)

Afternoon/evening free

Options: Heiliger Sand (oldest Jewish cemetery in Europe);


Jewish Quarter (Alte Synagogue, Jüdisches Museum)

Dinner on your own

SLEEP IN Floersheim-am-Main at Wanderlust Hostel (no curfew)

A note on pictures: please take a lot of them. Even if you are not a photographer and/or not trying to compete in the Best Photograph Contest on the trip, please take pictures of those wonderful, beautiful, unique, or simply delightful places you stay, people you meet, meals you eat, sights you see (esp art and architecture), group/friends photographs you take, and nature you encounter. With your permission, we would like to have your top ten pictures at the end of the trip in order to create an official souvenir album that we may make into a print media or multimedia document. We would also like to use some of these images for future advertising/promotion of this tour, and since you are part of the historic “first” event of this kind, we would like to have it be exceptionally well-documented. We are also going to be creating a short film, so any footage you get of real magnificence, from snow-covered Alps, to waterfalls, iconic cultural images, trains going over viaducts, students frolicking, etc, please consider letting us use your excellent footage.

Thurs 27.5 Early breakfast at Wanderlust Hostel

TRAIN Limburg an der Lahn

PASS #1 Depart Mainz 7:51 à Arv Limburg an der Lahn 9:50

Limburger Dom: Worship 10:15; Group Tour at 11:00 (confirmed)

Group Lunch at 13:00 (reservation confirmed)

Afternoon FREE

This is a train pass day, so travel to Frankfurt or other areas is encouraged


Frankfurt to see Communication Museum and/or Ikon Museum

Relax, stroll, visit other churches; return to Florsheim am Main Dinner on your own

SLEEP IN Florsheim-am-Main at Wanderlust Hostel (no curfew)

Fri 28.5 Early breakfast

TRAIN Depart Floersheim am Main 8:00ish à Arv Bingen 9:00ish

PASS #2 9:30-10:00: Prof Huizenga Presentation on Hildegard and medieval Christianity

10:00-11:00: Historisches Museum

11:30-12:55: Romantic Rhein: K-D Ferry to St Goar

LUNCH on ferry Confirmed

*Köln-Düsseldorfer ferries are FREE with DB rail pass

Afternoon: You have 3 options:

(1) Continue on your own with ferry up and down the Rhein River, taking the train back to Floersheim am Main.

(2) Hike with group from St Goar to Oberwesel (5 miles), train back to Floersheim am Main.

(3) Hike with (smaller) group from St Goar to Bacharach (13 miles), train back to Floersheim am Main.

Dinner on your own, evening free.

SLEEP IN Floersheim-am-Main at Wanderlust Hostel (no curfew)

Sat 29.5 EARLY breakfast at Wanderlust Hostel

TRAIN Depart Floersheim am Main 7:17 à Arv Cologne 9:05 IC

PASS #3 Kölner Dom guided tour in the morning

Dr. Huizenga and (up to) 10 students underneath dome for optional archeological tour

Group Lunch at 13:30 (Reservations confirmed)

Afternoon Free to explore Cologne (try a bottle of 4711, the original eau de Cologne)

Option: German-Roman Museum

Dinner on your own

Meet at Cologne Hauptbahnhof at 18:30

Evening Train to Berlin

Depart Cologne 18:48 à Arv Berlin Ostbahnhof 23:19

Check-in to Comebackpackers Hostel, Adalbertrstraße 97, Berlin-Kreuzberg

(U1/U8 U-Bahn Station Kreuzberger Tor) Tel. 030 60057527‎


Sun 30.5 8:00 Breakfast at Comebackpackers Hostel (Dress nicely for church)

NO PASS Julie Pena presentation on Beauty, Modernity, Faith

Cate Crary presentation on DDR Christianity and the Fall of the Wall

Worship in Berliner Dom 10:00

Group lunch

13:00 Deutsches Historisches Museum

Unter den Linden 2, Tel 49 - (0)30 - 20304 - 444

Dinner on your own

Evening free to explore Berlin

SLEEP IN BERLIN at Comebackpacker Hostel, Berlin-Kreuzberg (no curfew)

Mon 31.5 Breakfast at Comebackpacker Hostel

NO PASS Explore Berlin: COMPLETE FREE DAY (but NOT a DB trainpass day, so stay within Berlin)

Lunch on your own

Recommended Museums to see:

Neue Synagoge & Juedisches Museum

Pergamon Museum

Checkpoint Charlie Museum

Dozens of other museums in Berlin, and sites of historic interest

Dinner on your own


Tues 1.6 Breakfast at Comebackpacker Youth Hostel, then check out early

TRAIN Wittenberg

PASS #4 Depart Berlin 7:52 à Arv Altstadtbahnhof Wittenberg 8:33 (7 mins walk to Hostel)

Depart Berlin 7:52 à Arv Lutherstadt Wittenberg 8:33 (across street from Acron Hotel)

After dropping luggage at respective ho(s)tels, meet in front of Schlosskirche


Lunch on your own

15:00 Organ recital at Schlosskirche (w/Sarah and Thomas Herzer)

Guided Organ tour afterwards

Late afternoon free




Stadtkirche free

Group Dinner 18:00 (reservations confirmed)

SLEEP IN WITTENBERG at Jugendherberge Wittenberg (Curfew 10:00 pm)

(Leaders, Ellerbroek, & Rhudy are at Acron Hotel, near Lutherstadt Wittenberg train station)

Wed 2.6 Breakfast at Jugendherberge Wittenberg Caroline Hannema’s Birthday

TRAIN Michael Toy presentation on Luther’s Bible Translation and Effects

PASS#5 Depart Altstadtbahnhof Wittenberg 8:35 à Arv Erfurt 10:22

Augustinerkloster until 12:45ish

Group lunch 13:00

Depart Erfurt 14:24 à Arv Eisenach 14:54

Wartburg Castle until closing at 20:00

Dinner on your own

SLEEP IN Eisenach at Kaiserhof Hotel (No Curfew)

Wartburgallee 2, Tel. 49 (0) 36 91 88 890

Thurs 3.6 Breakfast early at Kaiserhof Hotel

TRAIN Marjorie Brumm presentation on Semiotics of Nazi Architecture

PASS #6 Depart Eisenach 7:52 à Arv Nuremburg NordOst 10:38 (connect via U-Bahn at


Check-in luggage to Hotel Cristal, walking distance (250m) from NUREMBERG Nordostbahnhof

Early lunch on your own

Nazi Documentation Center

Group dinner 19:00

SLEEP IN NUREMBURG at Hotel Cristal (No Curfew)

Willibaldstrasse 5-7, Tel (011 49) 911 95119-0

Fri 4.6 Breakfast at Hotel Cristal Daniel Shaffer’s Birthday

TRAIN Free Day to explore Nuremburg

PASS # 7 Lunch on your own

Options include:

Kaiser Museum (Mon-Sat)

Toy Museum (Tue-Fri)

Durer House (Tue-Sun)

Depart Nuremburg 16:02 à Arv Munich 17:05

Check-in to the CVJM/YMCA Jugende Gastehaus (no curfew, but get a night key after 12:30 pm)

Landwehrstrasse 13, Tel. (011 49) 89-5521410

Group Dinner right after check-in.

SLEEP IN MUNICH at YMCA Jugendgasthaus: Landwehrstrasse 13, Tel. 089 552141-0

Sat 5.6 Breakfast at CVJM/YMCA Jugende Gastehaus

No Pass Joseph Ellerbroek presentation on German legacy of machine engineering culture

BMW Welt and BMW Museum 10:00

Group Lunch 13:00 at BMW Welt (reservations confirmed)

Ruth Miller presentation on Catholic Counter-Reformation

Afternoon and evening is free to explore Munich

Dinner on your own

SLEEP IN MUNICH at CVJM/YMCA Jugendgasthaus: Landwehrstrasse 13, Munich

Tel. 089 552141-0

Sun 6.6 Breakfast at Munich Youth Hostel (Dress nicely for church)

TRAIN A.J. Provonsha presentation on Luther’s Augsburg mtg w/Cajetan in 1518

PASS #8 Depart Munich 8:06 à Arrive Augsburg 8:51

Worship 10:00AM in Augsburg at St. Ulrich/St. Afra Church, and walking

tour and lectures at St Anna Kirche (Lutheran)

Sack Lunch on your own on train from Augsburg to Dachau

Meet at Augsburg train station at 12:15

Caroline Hannema presentation on Luther, the Jews, Nazi Theologians and Holocaust

Depart Augsburg 12:55 à Arrive Dachau 14:11

Afternoon visit to Dachau Concentration Camp

Group Dinner at Hofbrauhaus at 19:00 in Historic Festival Hall (Confirmed: (49)89 29 01 36 10)

SLEEP IN MUNICH at YMCA Jugendgasthaus: Landwehrstrasse 13, Tel. 089 552141-0

Mon 7.6 Breakfast at CVJM/YMCA Munich Youth Hostel

TRAIN Check out of Munich Youth Hostel

PASS #9 Morning free

Lunch on your own

Meet at Munich Hauptbahnhof at 13:00

Depart Munich 13:32 à arv Graswang 16:21

Check-in to local tourist office

Dinner in Graswang 17:00 at Gasthaus Zum Fischerwirt

SLEEP IN GRASWANG AT LOCAL B&B’s (2 per home) or

Fisherwirt Inn, Linderhoferstrasse 15, Ettal-Graswang, Tel (011 49) 88 22 63 52

Curfew: ask your host family or innkeeper (depending on where you are placed)

Tue 8.6 Breakfast in Graswang

Walk (5km) or Bus to Oberammergau

Group Lunch at 12:00 in Oberammergau at group restaurant TBA

Oberammergau Passionspiele begins at 14:30

Group Dinner break at 17:30 at Oberammergau restaurant TBA

Play concludes at 20:30

SLEEP IN GRASWANG AT LOCAL B&B’s (2 per home) or

Fisherwirt Inn, Linderhoferstrasse 15, Ettal-Graswang, Tel (011 49) 88 22 63 52

Curfew: please be courteous and prompt in returning from the play quietly

Wed 9.6 Breakfast in Graswang (Please wear your MRM T-shirt today)

TRAIN LONG TRAIN RIDE into Switzerland

PASS #10 Dep Graswang 7:16 à Arv Huemoz 18:18 (via Munich/Stuttgart)

Lunch and Dinner on your own on the train.


Liz Stewart presentation on Swiss Chocolate

Matt Wathen presentation on Swiss Cheese

SLEEP IN HUEMOZ AT L’ABRI (Curfew set by L’Abri)

WELCOME TO SWITZERLAND: You will notice that from now on, you have an unlimited train pass (SBB/CFF/FFS) for the remainder of the trip. This pass is good for all trains on all remaining days in our itinerary. It is also valid for almost every boat and bus, and all yellow Post Buses. If for a given transportation sector you don’t know, assume it is valid and get on. Your SBB SwissPass is also good for free (or heavily discounted) entry to over 500 museums in Switzerland, so you should Always Carry it With You, even on days you are not traveling on trains. It is a bit like an “all-access pass” to the entire country, and so you should use it to its fullest potential. Keep any/all ticket/stubs/receipts as proof of your visits, as we’ll want to see these for consideration of just who is the Most Adventurous Traveler. In addition to Museum Passes and Passport Stamps, collecting the free Train Schedule booklets in the train stations is a good way of proving you went to a far-away destination.

Thur 10.6 L’Abri – Early morning day trip to Broc and Gruyeres Stephen Downey’s Birthday

Depart Huemoz 6:49 à Broc-Fabrique 9:24

Breakfast on your own in Aigle

Visit to La Maison Cailler, Rue Jules Belelt 7, 1636 Broc

+41 (0)26 921 51 51, email:

Depart Broc-Fabrique 11:32 à 11:59 Arv Gruyeres

Group Lunch 12:00

Visit to Chateau de Gruyeres

Depart Gruyeres 15:59 à Arv Huemoz 18:18

Dinner at L’Abri


Fri 11.6 L’Abri All Day

Breakfast at L’Abri

Morning lectures by Huizenga and Schuchardt

Lunch – L’Abri

Jordan Rhudy presentation on Swiss Cutlery

Daniel Lipford presentation on Swiss Graphic Design

Afternoon free on your own

Dinner at L’Abri

Evening free on your own.


Sat 12.6 Depart L’Abri/Huemoz 6:07 à Arv Aigle 6:31

Breakfast on your own in Aigle train station (12 minutes!)

Depart Aigle 6:43 à Arv Geneva 8:04

Drop luggage at reception at Hotel Central: 2, rue de la Rôtisserie


Maison Fontaine Swiss Cutlery (Rue de la Confederation 15, 9:15-5)

Patek Phillippe Museum (Rue des Vieux Grenadiers 7, Sat 10-6)

Group Lunch 12:00 – 13:30

14:00 – 16:00 Martin Bodmer Foundation Collection

16:00 – 18:00 Swimming at Geneva Beach

18:00 – 18:45 return to hotel, change into nice clothes for dinner.

GROUP Dinner at 19:00 Edelweiss Restaurant (2 place de la Navigation)

SLEEP IN GENEVA at Hotel Central, 2 rue de la Rôtisserie (midnight curfew)

Sun 13.6 GENEVA (Dress nicely for church)

Breakfast at Hotel Central served in your room

Church at 9:30 AM @ St. Pierre Cathedral (Cours St. Pierre 6)

Group Lunch 11:30 (confirmed)

13:00 Guided tour of Reformation Museum

Reformation Walking Tour

Dinner on your own

Meet at Geneva Train Station at 19:15

Depart Geneva 19:36 à arv Huemoz 21:18

(n.b.: you MUST be on the 19:36 train, or you will not make it back to L’Abri that evening)


Mon 14.6 GLACIER EXPRESS (1st class) Zermatt-St. Moritz (Dress nicely)

Depart L’Abri/Huemoz 6:07 à Arrive Zermatt 9:14

Breakfast on your own in either Aigle or Zermatt


Depart Zermatt 10:00 on Glacier Express Train #906 (1st Class)

Lunch (3-course) on Glacier Express

Arrive St. Moritz 17:42

Bus to Pontresina

Dinner at Pontresina Youth Hostel 18:30


Tue 15.6 Breakfast at Pontresina Youth Hostel 7:00

Juliana Martinez presentation on Swiss Architecture: Swiss Chalet to Cement Cube

Load luggage on Palm Express at 8:24

Departure Pontresina 9:08 PostBus à Arv Sils-Maria 9:59

Be at Sils-Maris bus station by 12:20

Depart Sils-Maria 12:39 à Arv Lugano 16:20 via PALM EXPRESS BUS

Downtown stroll through Lugano

Group Dinner

Depart Lugano 21:30 à Arv Bellinzona 22:00 (trains every ½ hour)

Check in to Hostel

SLEEP IN BELLINZONA YOUTH HOSTEL, via Nocca 4, Tel. 091 825 15 22

Take the Viale Stazione (through the city – on the left) until Piazza Indipendenza, follow the street sign. In the Via Bonzanigo you will find the pedestrian entry gate to the Hostel. It’s only about 10 mins. Curfew 22:00

Wed 16.6 Breakfast 7:00 at Youth Hostel Bellinzona

Joel Rofkahr presentation on Swiss military history and culture

7:30 visit to Army Liquidation Shop, via Chicheria 20, Bellinzona 49-091-814-8841

Dep Bellinzona 8:57 Arv Lugano 9:27

10:00 Franklin College introduction and tour

Late morning stroll through Percorso Vita

Group lunch 13:30

Afternoon free to explore downtown Lugano or other sites

Afternoon Options:

Boat to medieval village of Gandria

Boat to Melide to see Swiss Miniatur

Bellinzona Castles

Monte Tamaro to see Santa Maria degli Angeli, Mario Botta architecture. (From Lugano or Bellinzona, take a local train (16 or 11 mins) and get off at the Rivera-Bironico station. The cable car (23 CHF/person) is within walking distance. Take the Cable Car from Rivera. The last lift down the mountain is at 5 p.m.

Dinner on your own

Return to Bellinzona Youth Hostel on your own

SLEEP IN BELLINZONA YOUTH HOSTEL, via Nocca 4, 091 825 15 22 (curfew 22:00)

Thur 17.6 Breakfast 7:00 at Bellinzona Youth Hostel.

Mercer Schuchardt presentation on Southern Switzerland: Language, Culture, Customs


Depart Bellinzona: 9:00 à Arv Tenero: 9:20 Dep Postal Bus 9:30 à Arv Sonogno: 10:31

Morning hiking

Group lunch

Afternoon swimming

Depart Sonogno 16:32 à Arv Bellinzona 17:57

LAST Departure from Sonogno 18:32 à Arv Bellinzona 19:37

Evening free.

Dinner on your own.

SLEEP IN BELLINZONA YOUTH HOSTEL, via Nocca 4, 091 825 15 22 (curfew 22:00)

Fri 18.6 Breakfast 7:00 at Bellinzona Youth Hostel

Daniel Shaffer presentation on Swiss Transportation/Communication/Banking Routes

Depart Bellinzona Station 7:36 à Arv Lucerne 9:41

Check luggage into SYHA Youth Hostel, Sedelstrasse 12

Old City walk, Kappelbrucke

Jesuit Church 1677

Group lunch 12:30

Group visit to Verkershaus Museum

Dinner on your own

Evening free

SLEEP in Lucerne at SYHA Youth Hostel Luzern, Sedelstrasse 12, Tel. 041-420-8800)

No curfew

Sat 19.6 Breakfast at Youth Hostel Lucerne

Stephen Downey presentation on Carl Jung

Prof. Schuchardt presentation on the Great Chain of Being

Depart Lucerne 8:04 à Arv Basel 9:32

Check luggage into YMCA Youth Hostel, Gempenstrasse 64

Take Tram à Basel Marktplatz (6-8 mins) to Saturday open air market

Early Lunch at market on your own (or purchase a lunch to eat later)

Arv Baslermunster by 11:30

Walk to Baslermunster (depart by 13:30)

Walk to Papiermuseum (group tour @ 14:00-16:00 confirmed)

Walk to Bank of International Settlements

Group Dinner

Walk to YMCA Youth Hostel, Gempenstrasse 64

SLEEP IN BASEL at YMCA Basel Youth Hostel, Gempenstrasse 64 (curfew 23:00)

No curfew

Sun 20.6 Breakfast at Youth Hostel 7:30 (Dress nicely for church)

Depart Basel 8:07 à Arv Zurich 9:00

Check in to Hotel Limmathof, Limmat-Quai 142, Tel. (049) 44 267 60 40

10:00 AM Morning Worship at Grossmunster (Zwingli’s Church)

Visit to Fraumunster

Lunch on your own

Afternoon/evening free


See James Joyce’s tombstone in Fluntern Cemetery

Go swimming in the Limat River at either Freibad Oberer Letten Unterer Letten

Group dinner at 19:00

Evening free

SLEEP IN ZURICH at Hotel Limmathof (no curfew)

Mon 21.6 Breakfast at Hotel Limmathof

Walk to train station

Dep. Zurich 8:09 à Arv St. Gallen 9:15

Reformation Tour of St. Gallen and Abbey of St. Gall

Depart St. Gallen 13:07 à Arv Appenzell 13:51

Group Lunch at 14:00 (late lunch)

Depart Appenzell 17:03 à Arv Zurich 18:53

Dinner on your own

SLEEP IN ZURICH at Hotel Limmathof (no curfew)

Limmat-Quai 142, Tel. (049) 44 267 60 40

Tue 22.6 Breakfast at Hotel Limmathof

FREE DAY exploring Zurich and environs

Recommended Options in Zurich:

Beyer Museum (history of timekeeping), Bahnhofstrasse 31

The Swiss National Museum, Museumstrasse 2

Museum fur Gestaltung (Museum for Design), Austellungstrasse 60

Recommended Options beyond Zurich:

Go to Winterthur (26 mins) to see the Technorama Museum and/or Schloss Kyburg (recreation of medieval life castle)

Go to Bern (57 mins) to see the Museum of Communication (Helvetiastrasse 16, Tel. 41 031 357 55 55, entry is free with your SwissPass)

Go to Basel to see the Cartoon Museum and/or to see Munchenstein, the birthplace of Helvetica

Any of the above options could be extremely useful to your final paper, depending on your subject of focus.

Lunch on your own


LOCATION TBA _______________________ (Dress nicely)

Trip officially ends after the Awards Ceremony, as some students are staying in Europe instead of returning to Chicago with us tomorrow.

SLEEP IN ZURICH at Hotel Limmathof (no curfew)

Limmat-Quai 142, Tel. (049) 44 267 60 40

Wed 23.6 Breakfast at Hotel Limmathof (Please wear your MRM T-shirt today)

Check out of Hotel Limmathof 9:30

Depart Zürich Hbf: 9:55 à Arv Zurich Airport 10:08


Lunch on your own in Zurich Airport


Dep Zurich 13:30 AC 879 à Arv TORONTO 16:20

Dep Toronto 18:00 AC 511 à Arv CHICAGO 18:42

Dinner & snack on plane

Arrive Chicago 6:42PM on Wednesday, June 23rd

Return to campus

Upon arriving in Wheaton, hand journals to Professor Schuchardt

Wed June 30 FINAL PAPERS DUE, via e-mail, 5:00PM, CST