Sunday, June 20, 2010

Swiss Trains

We've been riding trains nonstop throughout our time in Europe. Almost every country is tied together through the vast web of train tracks, and that means you can travel from any country in Europe to any country in Europe. This connection has been a distinct part of the European culture for decades now.

Some of the best trains we've bee on have been ICE trains, or InterCity Express trains. This means that they are specialized for city to city travels and for trips longer than a simply across town. These trains are designed to look aesthetically pleasing and to be comfortable for hours of traveling.

Trains in Switzerland have to navigate huge heights and drops because of the Alps. The tracks are laid with care and the trains have to travel at varying speeds to account for danger of avalanches or landslides.

Working out train schedules seems daunting at first, but because of the amount of trains running, it is actually simple to find the right trains at the right time. We haven't had a problem working through that system at all.

Trains aren't only for traveling though, they also supply commerce. Cargo trains like this carry goods between cities so that companies can trade with ease.

In addition to looking out windows to take in the sights, it can also be a good idea to take a nap on these trains when traveling long distances. Sam here figured that out quickly, but finding a comfortable position might be harder than he thought!

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