Monday, June 14, 2010


We left L'Abri to venture to Geneva, a metropolis built up around its lake. This is the home of Calvin, one of the great Fathers of the Reformation.

For Sunday service, we visited St. Pierre Cathedral, the Church that Calvin preached at throughout his lifetime.

Over the centuries, much about St. Pierre Cathedral has changed. One thing that remains from Calvin's days is this chair, the chair the Calvin himself used during his services. You might have expected a chair called "Calvin's Chair" to be a grand throne, but that isn't Calvin's style. Calvin was much more focused on efficiency than grandiose objects, most likely because of his rejection of any Catholic ideals.

The towers of St. Pierre Cathedral provided quite the view out over Geneva. Matt here is gazing over the cityscape from the highest point of the Cathedral.

This is the Reformation Wall, a huge wall with statues dedicated the the heads of the Calvinism movement. Here are Theodore Beza, William Farel, John Knox, and of course, John Calvin.

Geneva was a fun and interesting city, filled with opportunities to explore and discover. Some of us even got to ride a ferry over to the other side of Lake Geneva, into France!

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