Thursday, May 27, 2010


It is a rare and difficult thing for twenty-first century digital natives to "get" the meaning, impact, and power of what these buildings signified and symbolized for their original inhabitants. Yet we


  1. love the pics! please post more!

  2. Does anyone have any information about the group and how they're doing? I'm assuming "no news is good news" at this point...? :)

  3. Hi Lisa:

    We heard from our daughter, Marjorie, by phone on 5/30 and by email on 6/3. Since then nothing. According to our copy of the schedule, they are staying at L'Abri in Switzerland now. From the website, it looks like an interesting, beautiful and restful place. Like you I am assuming "no news is good news."

  4. Thanks Christopher! We decided to call Dr. Schuchardt the day they were scheduled to leave Germany and were able to reach him. He said everyone was having a wonderful time, that all was well, and that they were super busy. We received a short e-mail from our daughter, Julie, on 6/10--and she confirmed she was having an amazing time and that she was very, very happy. Good to hear! : )